2nd webinar organized within the framework of the project "Polish-Norwegian cooperation platform for energy conservation and climate", held on 18 January 2017, was focused on the energy education of citizens and their mobilization to achieve the local climate and energy goals. The speakers presenting their experience in this areas were the representatives of the Norwegian institutions: Laboratory of Climate and Energy and the Center for Education, as well as cities of Bielsko-Biala and Warsaw.

The first presenter was Inger Oddrun Sverkmo from the Climate and Energy Laboratory that has been operating since January last year in the newly established green building. It was built as a passivehouse at Nord-Gudbrandsdal Upper Secondary School and produces its own energy. The lab is monitoring the processes of energy production and consumption, ventilation and the photosynthesis in a phytotron.

Piotr Sołtysek, Plenipotentiary of the President of the City of Bielsko-Biała for energy management talked about the concept of establishing a center for training and research in the field of renewable energy sources and energy-efficient construction setting up a training center for renewable energy sources and energy-efficient buildings. Energy Management Office in the City of Bielsko-Biała has already got many years of experience in educating and activating residents in terms of energy saving and RES use. While Bielsko-Biala is one of the winners of the competition for the best and most innovative projects in the area of EE and RES use, which was organized under the project in the first half of last year. It was attended by 20 Polish municipalities, of which 10 received micro-grants to prepare their ideas for implementation. They also signed a cooperation agreements with Norwegian partners who support Polish LAs with their experience.

Subsequently Richard MacLeod from Vitensenteret Innlandet presented various methods the science centre educators use to bring topics to life: through costumes, storytelling and interactive experiments – all in accordance with the learning outcomes of the national core curriculum. They are now planning a new room for energy, which will focus on teaching renewable energy and energy efficiency.

This inspiring presentation was followed by the speech of Leszek Drogosz, Director of the Infrastructure Office of Capital City of Warsaw. Warsaw is a member of the Experience Exchange Group established within the project. The city has been aspiring to become the "green metropolis" and therefore its perspective objective is to provide its residents with high standard living standards in terms of sustainable development and respect for the environment.
The webinar was held in English.


Presentations for download:

  1. Teaching about energy in the Climate and Energy Laboratory, Inger Oddrun Sverkmo, Klima- og energilaboratoriet
  2. Energy education of the citizens - building of a training & research center in the field of renewable energy sources and energy-efficient construction, Piotr Sołtysek, Municipality of Bielsko-Biała
  3. Teaching about RES and energy efficiency through practical actions - interactive experiments, role playing, storytelling, Richard MacLeod, Vitensenteret Innlandet
  4. Picnic with a Climate and other educational initiatives implemented by the Capital City of Warsaw in order to teach citizens about climate protection and low emissions liquidation, Leszek Drogosz, Capital City of Warszawa.

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Project "Polish-Norwegian cooperation platform for climate and energy conservation" is funded under the PL04 Programme of the Bilateral Cooperation Fund, which is financed from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (NMF) 2009-2014.